Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports


The BLUES were skittish today.  We saw quite a few fish underneath the birds and splashing on top but they were hard to catch. It might have been because of the thunderstorms last night and all the whales and dolphins out there.  We did have a small catch and then wound up finishing the day with SEA BASS.  We had a lot of short SEA BASS and a nice catch of big keeper SEA BASS.

Tomorrow’s weather looks nice so we will see you then.


ABSOLUTELY CRAZY INSANE BLUEFISHING RIGHT NOW!!  All BIG fish and all on jigs.  The fish are all over the place.  These are the same fish we saw around Friday and they wouldn’t eat but THEY ARE EATING TODAY.  

Pictures and updated report to follow later.


It was good fishing for SEA BASS, LING & WHITING and a fun trip on yesterday’s Afternoon Fishing & Sunset Cruise.  It is always a great experience for all ages.  Come join us.  Check our website for dates and times and make your reservation.




It was absolutely SUPER fishing today. We got into the JUMBO BLUES and you could catch as many as you wanted. The pool winner was about 14 to 15lbs. or maybe a little more. It was all on jigs and within a half hour of the inlet so plenty of fishing time. If you just stayed at the rail you just kept catching them. We also had a DECENT catch of SEA BASS before the BLUES showed up.


We will be out there again tomorrow so don’t miss this action - COME ON DOWN.

See you in the morning.


We caught some BLUES but it wasn’t really good enough so we spent quite a bit of time on the SEA BASS grounds.  We had quite a few very nice  SEA BASS, some LING, a few BOSTON MACKEREL and we did have some nice size WHITING which is a fish that we haven’t seen in a while.  So all in all it was a pretty good day.

Check out the great pictures from this morning’s trip.

We are back out for another fun trip on our Afternoon Fishing & Sunset Cruise and will update you later.