Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports


It was an ABSOLUTELY SUPER DAY of STRIPER fishing for MONSTER STRIPERS.  We had a few STRIPERS over 50lbs and a lot in the 40 to 50lb. range.  Several people had their over and under limits.  These STRIPERS were breaking lines and they were straightening out hooks.  That’s how big and tough they were.  We also lost a lot. You can’t fish for these STRIPERS with your light tackle.

The weather for the week looks pretty nice.  It was overcast and a little drizzly today but the people that came caught all the STRIPERS they could handle.  This is STRIPER weather.  Don’t wait for a gorgeous day - JUST COME ON DOWN.  We are here every day.

See you in the morning.


We had STRIPERS and SEA BASS today. The action was good with up to 3 fish on at a time while we were catching the larger fish. The biggest fish was around 50 lbs. We saw Tuna fish swimming around the boat and jigged one but lost it. 

There are plenty of fish out there so come on down and spend the day on the Golden Eagle.


We had a GOOD day with the STRIPERS today!  We had to go a ways to get them but there were plenty of KEEPERS and a lot of shorts.  There was good action on an hour and a half drift with fish always on.  We had anywhere from one fish up to 5 or 6 on at a time.


We are fishing tomorrow and will see you in the morning.


We caught some ALBACORE and BONITO today.  We tried every which way to entice these STRIPERS to bite but they just weren’t in a chewing mood.  We could see them rip through the bunkers several times.  We tried artificial bait and livelining but we couldn’t convince them to bite.  We did see them so they are around and tomorrow is another day.  

It was a lot windier out here than they said it was going to be so maybe the conditions had something to do with it. It is supposed to be a gorgeous day tomorrow so we will be back at it in the morning.


We had a BLUEFISHING trip last night and once it got dark, the fish started to bite.  There were some nice size fish up to 15 lbs.

This Saturday, Oct. 19th, we have a NIGHT BLUEFISHING TRIP that leaves the dock at 7:30PM and returns approximately 2:00AM. Make your reservations now and come fishing with us.


We had MONSTER STRIPERS again today.  They were huge, up to 40lbs., and we broke a lot off. When we got on them, we saw them really good and they were piled up under the boat top to bottom.  We also mixed in some BONITO and ALBACORE.   

We are not sailing tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 17th, because of very high winds, but we will be right back out there after this weather passes targeting those huge STRIPERS.


It was absolutely VERY VERY GOOD FISHING this morning with a lot of BONITO and MACKEREL. 

And, this afternoon we CRUSHED THE STRIPED BASS!!  The STRIPERS were 35 to 50 LBS.  We had about 15 snapped lines and poles.  These fish were huge.  

Everything was on jigs.

NOW is the time to go fishing!  Come on down tomorrow morning and LET’S GET BACK OUT THERE.

See you in the morning.


On our first stop we caught a few BLUEFISH, some KEEPER SEA BASS, and a few PORGIES.  Then that slowed down so we went offshore and caught some MONSTER SEA BASS and some BIGGER PORGIES.  We then came back inshore and found some MONSTER TUNA FISH splashing and jumping around right next to the boat which we watched and tried to hook but couldn’t catch them.  We did get some MACKEREL.  We had an assortment of fish today but not enough. 

As the ocean calms down, we are seeing more and more fish and tomorrow looks like a nice day so come on down and go fishing with us. 

See you in the morning.


After the Nor’easter that we had the past few days, it was hard to get the fish to bite but we did catch some SEA BASS, some BLUEFISH, some PORGIES and some throw back FLUKE.  Most everything was on jigs.  We had some large size BLUEFISH with the pool winner about 11 lbs.  

It was beautiful on the ocean today and tomorrow looks nice so come on down and join us for the day.


We saw a lot of fish jumping out of the water next to the boat and birds were flying around them but they didn’t want to bite which was probably due to the weather conditions.  We threw jigs right on top of them but they were hard to catch.  We did have some BLUEFISH, PORGIES, throw back SEA BASS and ALBACORE.  Everything was on jigs.