Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports


IT WAS AN EXCELLENT DAY OF STRIPER FISHING TODAY!!  We had a lot of fish on the boat.  There were a lot of shorts, some slot fish and KEEPERS.  It was good action all day.  Every stop produced some fish.  If you stayed at the rail and kept turning the handles with the jigs on, you caught something.  Everything was on jigs and shads though the jigs were by far the most productive.  There was plenty of fishing time as we were close to the inlet and the weather was good.

Don’t miss out on this GREAT STRIPER FISHING.  Come on down while they are biting and join us for an exciting day on the Golden Eagle.

Tomorrow morning is our EARLY DEPARTURE STRIPER TRIP and we leave the dock at 6AM. Make your reservations and get to the boat AT LEAST a half hour earlier than departure time.  

See you in the morning.


Fishing was GOOD today.  Early in the day, we had lots of birdlife and lots of fish splashing around and we only caught a few.  They really didn’t bite right but then when we got through a tide change later in the morning into early afternoon, fishing was just fine.  We had the birds and the fish splashing and the fish were biting.  You had to work for them a little bit. You didn’t just hold your rod and they came to you.  You had to actually fish for them but as long as you worked for them, you had fish.  We ended up with a nice mix of KEEPERS, BONUS FISH and SHORTS.

The weather looks very good for tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.  The STRIPERS are biting so come on down and let’s go get them.

See you in the morning.


It was another GOOD DAY OF STRIPER FISHING!  It took a long time to put it together with some good drifts and some bad drifts but we had over 100 fish by the end of the day with both KEEPERS and BONUS fish.  The largest fish was in the 30’s.  

Due to the high winds, we will not be sailing tomorrow, Saturday.


We had another SUPER day with the STRIPERS with plenty of fish! We saw them jumping out of the water and rolling and splashing and they were easy to catch. You just dropped to the bottom and reel steadily using a shad, diamond jig or popper. It didn’t make any difference what you used - you still caught fish. We had a boat limit today.

If you want to get in on this REALLY GOOD STRIPER fishing, MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR RESERVATIONS IN FOR TOMORROW’S TRIP. The weather for FRIDAY LOOKS GREAT but they are forecasting gale force winds for Saturday and Sunday so the weekend does not look nice. 



IT WAS A SUPER DAY OF STRIPER FISHING!  We had acres of fish rolling on top and swirling around with a lot of birds flying overhead.  You could actually see the fish right next to the boat chasing the poppers and jigs and we were catching them. We had BONUS FISH, KEEPER FISH, and a lot of shorts. It was probably one of the best catches we’ve had so far this STRIPER season.  Everybody on the boat had fish.

Check out the pictures from today’s exciting STRIPER trip. 


We had DECENT STRIPER FISHING again today!  They were definitely more cooperative.  We saw lots of fish splashing all over the surface and sometimes they were tough to catch but other times they were ready to eat.  They didn’t always stay with us but with the number of fish out there, it didn’t take long at all to find them again.  We had STRIPERS and SEA BASS today.

The weather looks good for tomorrow and the STRIPERS are here so NOW is the time to go fishing.

See you in the morning.


We had DECENT STRIPER FISHING this morning with a combination of KEEPERS, BONUS FISH and SHORTS.  There were lots of birds and fish all over the place.  When we lost the tide about noon, the dogfish took over.

The 5” and 6” shads were the ticket today.  

The weather looks good for tomorrow so come on down and enjoy the day fishing for STRIPERS.  

See you in the morning.  


We were out early today and managed to get into some bait fish and caught a couple STRIPERS fairly quickly.  We covered a lot of area and saw a lot of bird activity, lots of fish on the fish finder and plenty of fish swirling on top of the water but they were tough to catch.  We did have some KEEPER STRIPERS and some LARGE SIZE BONITO.

The weather will keep us at the dock tomorrow but Saturday looks great and with all the fish out there we will be right back at it.  


We saw lots of fish today and there were lots of birds around.  We didn’t have to go far and every stop we made, there were fish splashing on the surface.  Even though we saw them splashing right along side of the boat while we were drifting, they were hard to catch.  You really had to work at it.  We did catch a few STRIPERS mostly on jigs and a couple on swim shads.

We will be back out there just as the sun comes up tomorrow morning on our Early Departure Striper trip.  The boat leaves at 6AM!  Prepay online and make sure you get to the boat at least a half hour before departure. 


There was lots of bird life, lots of bait, lots of fish readings and plenty of STRIPERS swirling on top today but getting them to bite was tough.  We tried many places but they didn’t want to chew.  We managed to get some BIG STRIPERS and some medium STRIPERS.  

We will be back at it again tomorrow.

See you in the morning.