Fishing Reports


It was another AWESOME GREAT DAY OF STRIPER FISHING!! It started out slow but the bunkers eventually came up to the top as the day progressed and we had nice shots at JUMBO STRIPERS. We picked at them on most drifts and had GREAT ACTION at times with BASS to 45 lbs.

This would be a perfect time to enjoy this hot STRIPER fishing. The weather looks beautiful for the next few days and they are biting. If you don't have gear and want to catch these fish, you can rent it from us.  

The boat leaves at 6:30AM.

See you on board.


STRIPER FISHING WAS EXCELLENT TODAY!!  We had them on as soon as we got out there and we continued to pick at them with SHOTS OF UP TO 6 FISH ON AT TIMES.  It was CRAZY GOOD fishing. It slowed a little on the change of tide but then the bunkers were back on top and we picked away the remainder of the day. The BIG JUMBO BASS were safely released and we had a number of KEEPERS on board. 

STRIPER FISHING IS RED HOT and beautiful weather will continue through the weekend.  GET IN ON THE STRIPER ACTION - make your reservations and come on down.

Our Morning Trips depart EVERY DAY AT 6:30AM.



It was another VERY GOOD day of STRIPER fishing! We had more KEEPERS than oversized fish and they were on flutter jigs, shad and live bunkers.
The weather looks gorgeous right through the weekend and Saturday and Sunday should be in the 70’s.
THE STRIPERS ARE BITING and you can’t beat the nice weather for this time of year so come enjoy the day fishing for STRIPERS on the Golden Eagle.
Check out the great pictures from today’s trip and make your reservations.
See you in the morning.


The early report from the boat this morning is that STRIPER FISHING IS GOOD!! A LOT OF BIG OVERS on shad, flutter jigs, crocs and bunkers.

We will have an update later with pictures. In the meantime, get your reservations in for an exciting day catching these fish on the Golden Eagle.


Capt. Greg took out the Golden Eagle today and had his inaugural day of fishing and did a heck of a good job. There were plenty of oversized STRIPED BASS up to 49” and a couple handfuls of KEEPER BASS. They were on bunkers, flutter jigs, crocs and shad and bit pretty much all day long. This has been one of the best STRIPER trips all season.

We look forward to him having many more successful trips.

GET IN ON THE STRIPER ACTION! Make your reservations and come on down. We depart every day at 6:30AM.



There were a lot of fish out there splashing on top but also quite a bit of boat traffic that kept knocking them down. We had some nice KEEPERS and also some LARGE THROWBACKS.
Tomorrow's weather looks nice so come on down and let's get back there.


It was a slow start to the day. There was plenty of bait at times with fish in the bait but they did not want to cooperate. The bunkers came up the last half of the day and we were able to snag them and pick at NICE BIG BASS. Check out the pictures of young Aiden who caught three STRIPED BASS with the biggest being 54”. All jumbo Stripers were safely released.

Tomorrow's weather looks gorgeous so bring your gear or rent it from us and come on down.

See you in the morning for our 6:30am Early Departure!


IT IS TIME TO GET BACK TO THE STRIPERS. It was SUPER action yesterday with numerous fish on at a time and some really nice KEEPERS so come on down for the day and enjoy this great fishing. The weather for the weekend looks good. With our early departure at 6:30AM, we get there when the STRIPERS are ready to bite. The STRIPERS are here so let's go catch them.
Make your reservations now and we will see you in the morning.



We were out there early and there was SUPER ACTION on the first drift of the day!  There were plenty of bunkers to fish on with BIG BASS blowing up in them.  We had numerous fish on at a time and had a number of NICE KEEPERS on board. All the BIG JUMBO STRIPERS were safely released.  It was great action till mid-day and then it slowed up.

The weather will keep us at the dock tomorrow but Saturday looks good. Come on down and get in on the Striper action. The boat departs at 6:30am.




We could see a lot of fish but they did not bite as well as we hoped they would. We had some NICE BIG FAT STRIPERS that were safely released and also some KEEPERS. They were on bunkers and shad.
Let's get back out there tomorrow. Come on down for our early departure trips to catch the Stripers. We leave every day at 6:30AM.
See you in the morning.