Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports


IT WAS EXCELLENT STRIPER FISHING TODAY! NICE JUMBO STRIPERS on live bait and swim shads. Plenty of fish and plenty of action! Some people caught up to 5 fish. As they were all OVERS today, the fish were safely released.
Come on down and get in on the action. These fish are fun to catch!
We are sailing tomorrow so check out the pictures from today’s trip and see you in the morning - 7:30AM DEPARTURE.
WE HAVE SCHEDULED A NEW NIGHT BLUEFISHING TRIP ON SATURDAY, OCT. 28TH. 7:00PM to 1:30AM. This is your last chance of the season to fish for these BIG BLUES on one of our night trips. Get your reservations in soon so you get a spot next Saturday!


Because the Oct. 22nd 23-Hour Canyon Tuna Trip has been canceled, we have ADDED A 10/29/23 TUNA TRIP TO THE CALENDAR. If you haven’t been able to make one of our other Tuna Trips, now is the chance to get your reservation in for this exciting trip before we are sold out. Trip is limited.
Since the boat will be here Monday, Oct. 23rd, we have added our normal STRIPER Trip that day departing at 7:30am and returning 2:30pm.
We will be heading back out to go STRIPER fishing so make sure to get your reservations in and come on down! If you don’t have your own gear, rent it from us. These fish are fun to catch! We have plenty of spots open - DEPARTURE 7:30AM.
See you in the morning.


We had a shot at some fish early in the morning and lost some fish at the boat. It was a tough day all around with the Stripers for us today.


It was GREAT ACTION FROM THE START this morning with lots of bunkers up on top to work on. There were plenty of bites with JUMBO STRIPERS being netted!!  All the STRIPERS were OVERS today and they were safely returned. We finished the day with some KEEPER SEA BASS.

The weather continues to look nice tomorrow so come on down and enjoy this great fishing. 

See you in the morning.



We had good action most of the day with JUMBO BASS coming over the rail. Most of our fish today were caught on bunkers. If you are coming to join us and plan on using your own gear, bring a spinning rod and a conventional rod for live lining. These are BIG BASS we are catching!
We are off to a good start to the STRIPED BASS SEASON with many more great weeks to come.
We will be back at it tomorrow - 7:30AM DEPARTURE. We have plenty of availability through the week and the weather looks nice so COME ON DOWN AND JOIN US!
Check out the pictures from today's exciting trip and make your reservations!


Back to our normal schedule tomorrow - 7:30 am departure. Striper season is here and the last time we were out, it was great STRIPER fishing so we will start every day looking for STRIPED BASS. If they are not biting, we will head off and fish for SEA BASS.

It looks like nice fall weather for the next few days and it is time to get back out there so come on down.

Pictures from today's Tuna Trip are in the Gallery Section.


THE STRIPED BASS SHOWED UP AND WERE BITING TODAY! There was an abundant amount of bait around with fish in it and we had action on the majority of drifts. There were plenty of NICE BIG STRIPED BASS on live bunkers along with a few on shads.  IT WAS AN AWESOME DAY WITH THE BASS!

Tomorrow’s Morning Trip has been canceled because of the weather and the boat will be on a Tuna Trip Monday. 

Check out today’s pictures and make sure to get your reservations in for Tuesday when we will get right back out to the STRIPERS.



There were some bunkers up on top this morning with a few STRIPERS in the readings but they didn’t want to cooperate. We opted to go bottom fishing where we found plenty of readings on all our drops but the SEA BASS did not want to bite too well today. We picked at plenty of shorts along with KEEPER SEA BASS, JUMBO PORGIES and a few KEEPER BLACKFISH in the mix.

It looks like a good day tomorrow and the rain will hold off until later in the day so come on down.

See you in the morning.



We looked on the beach this morning for the STRIPERS and just managed some small BLUES so we opted to bottom fish for SEA BASS.  It was good action at times on shorts along with KEEPERS.  Some anglers had their limit of SEA BASS along with a few PORGIES. We also had KEEPER BLACKFISH and some FALSE ALBIES.   

A COUPLE STRIPERS WERE CAUGHT AT THE END OF THE DAY ON THE BEACH so we will try for them again tomorrow. 

Tomorrow’s weather looks good AND SATURDAY WILL BE A NICE DAY. The rain will move in Saturday night.

Grab your gear or rent it from us and let’s go fishing.

See you in the morning.




We saw plenty of STRIPER readings today but they did not want to cooperate. We ended up fishing the hills, rubble and rocks for the SEA BASS. Some stops had great action with a lot of throwbacks and other drops had a good amount of KEEPERS with picks around the boat. We also had PORGIES, TRIGGERFISH and a showing of small BLUES onboard. There were plenty of ALBIES up on top.

The weather looks really nice for Thursday and Friday so make sure to come on down and enjoy the day fishing in the ocean.