Fishing Reports


Striper fishing was slow today.  We read them, saw them swirling on top and there were plenty of birds but they did not bite and we only had a few.

Tomorrow’s weather will keep us at the dock so we will see you Thursday.



We had PLENTY OF KEEPERS, some BONUS FISH and lots of the throwback MONSTER-SIZE STRIPERS! It was as many as you wanted and we were in catch and release mode early. They ate jigs, bait fish or anything you threw at them.
Tomorrow’s weather looks like it will be another good day. Don’t miss out on this super exciting Striper action. Check out the pictures from today's trip and make your reservations.
See you in the morning.


We had a FANTASTIC DAY OF STRIPER FISHING TODAY!  The fish bit on just about everything we threw at them so they were hungry and we stayed fairly close to the inlet so there was lots of fishing time.  Everyone on board had fish and there were many JUMBO STRIPERS that had to be thrown back.  

The weather looks nice for tomorrow.  It is time to get in on the action - make your reservations and come on down.



It was a PHENOMENAL DAY OF STRIPER FISHING yesterday!!  We took a ride that paid off and found bird life with STRIPERS stacked up under the boat.  There was plenty of action around the boat and at times, nonstop action. It was a super day of Striper fishing on board the Golden Eagle.

The storm that came up the coast will keep us at the dock again tomorrow but SUNDAY’S WEATHER IS LOOKING FINE AND WE WILL BE FISHING ON SUNDAY.

Check out the pictures from yesterday’s trip and make your reservations.

See you Sunday!


It was a GREAT DAY OF STRIPER FISHING with good action!! We started picking at JUMBO STRIPERS right away this morning with some shots at them. We then moved into bunkers that were tight to the beach and managed a good amount of KEEPERS in the shallow water. As we continued on up to the North, we stopped on areas of birds and fish on top and had KEEPERS with SLOT fish mixed in.  

We have a private group tomorrow, Thursday, so we are not open to the public.



The early report from the boat is that it is VERY VERY GOOD STRIPER FISHING WITH PLENTY OF KEEPERS AND OVERS!!!


Make your reservations for tomorrow and get in on the action.


Capt. Greg followed up his debut last week with ANOTHER FANTASTIC STRIPER TRIP!! We had a complete boat limit of KEEPERS with countless numbers of OVERS and KEEPERS that had to go back. We were in catch and release mode by 9:30 this morning.
We look forward to Capt. Greg having more and more successful trips as time goes on.
STRIPER FISHING has been OUTSTANDING so make your reservations for tomorrow morning and GET IN ON THE ACTION!


It was an ABSOLUTELY SUPER DAY OF STRIPER FISHING! It slowed a little at the change of tide, but once they turned on, they would bite anything you threw at them - bunkers, swim shads, flutter jigs, crocs, etc. We had a lot of fish on the boat with a boat limit of KEEPERS and then it was catch and release and we also released a lot of overs. It was crazy good fishing!
Now is the time to catch these Stripers. Make your reservations and join us. We will be departing at 6:30AM.
See you then.


We beat the boat traffic this morning with our early departure and had a GREAT start to the day! We had a nice shot of fish right away in the bunkers and had quite a few drifts where we picked with good shots at the STRIPED BASS. It slowed down early afternoon because the boat traffic always hurts the fishing.
The weather looks nice again tomorrow so let’s get back out there before the other boats and catch some more Stripers.
The boat departs at 6:30AM. See you in the morning.


We had a really great start this morning with STRIPERS on top and quite a few on around the boat at once. We continued to stop on different pods of bait with fish in them and had numerous drifts with shots and/or pick mainly using shads and flutter jigs. We had MOSTLY KEEPER-SIZE FISH today. There was a little bit of trouble with the foggy weather but overall it was a GREAT DAY WITH MANY KEEPERS.
The weekend weather is looking good. Get your friends together and come on down and catch the STRIPERS.