Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports



The fish were up on top working on bait and there were readings of fish stacked 12 feet off the bottom. We had nice long drifts in the morning with action around the boat. The boat was limited out with SLOT FISH and the majority of anglers had their KEEPER BASS. All OVER BASS were returned safely.

We are not sailing Sunday or Monday due to the weather but after this weather passes, we will get right back out there. Don’t miss out on the phenomenal STRIPER fishing this season. Come down and catch these fish while they are still around.

It is getting close to Christmas and our Holiday Gift Certificate Special is still going on. You get 3 Holiday Gift Certificates for $210 which are good for 3 Morning Trips! These make great gifts for that favorite fisherman in your life. This special is available until the end of the year.




It was EXCELLENT right away on the first stop and continued to be excellent fishing throughout the day. There were plenty of fish up on top at times working on bait. All anglers onboard limited out with their KEEPER BASS and SLOT FISH. We had numerous OVERS that were safely returned. 

There were plenty of STRIPERS around today with a nice short ride so come on down and get in on the action.

The weather for tomorrow's Morning Trip looks nice with temps near 50 degrees so we will see you then.





It was a GOOD day of STRIPER FISHING. We had LIMITS OF SLOT FISH early along with a LIMIT OF KEEPERS but you had to work at it to get the bigger fish.  Fishing was a pick with shots on most drifts until 11:00 then it slowed up the last half of the day.  Everyone went home with fish today.

Considering we are in December, the weather is looking really nice the next couple days with temps in the low 50’s so come down for some STRIPER action.

See you in the morning.  7:30AM DEPARTURE.



STRIPED BASS FISHING IS STILL HOT!! We had an early boat limit again today and released quite a few. Fish were all caught on diamond jigs and crippled herrings.  

The weather is looking great right through Saturday and there are plenty of fish around.

Come on down and get in on the action. Enjoy an exciting day of fishing in the ocean.

See you in the morning. 7:30AM DEPARTURE.



Fishing was VERY GOOD early today and slowed down as the day went on. This is probably due to the effect of the weather we just had but fishing will continue to get much more consistent as the wind dies down.
We have plenty of sunshine the next few days and there is room for you and your friends to come on down and catch some STRIPERS.
See you in the morning. 7:30AM DEPARTURE.



The weather is clearing and STRIPER FISHING HAS BEEN PHENOMENAL! We are ready to get back out there and continue STRIPER fishing as long as they are around.

We will be departing every day at 7:30am starting tomorrow, 12/12, and have added trips on the calendar through the end of the year. 

Make your reservations to come on down and join us for a great day of STRIPER fishing.

See you in the morning. 7:30AM DEPARTURE.




Overall, it was a good day with the STRIPED BASS with decent action at times. It was not like we had been seeing but we had fish on around the boat on some drifts and others we picked away on. The boat was limited out on SLOT FISH and had numerous KEEPERS on board.
The weather will keep us at the dock Sunday and Monday, Dec. 10th and 11th but we will be back STRIPER fishing Tues., Dec. 12th.
If you want to catch the STRIPERS, be sure to come down next week before they are gone and the season is over.


IT WAS ANOTHER EXCELLENT DAY OF STRIPER FISHING with fish on right away in the morning. There was plenty of bird life with BASS on top working on bait. We had nice long drifts with HOT ACTION ALL AROUND THE BOAT and it was non-stop at times. The boat was limited out on SLOT FISH and KEEPERS with throwbacks safely returned. We also had some JUMBO BLUES up to 17 lbs. in the mix.

Tomorrow’s weather looks to be the same as today - gorgeous with temps getting in the 50’s.

You don’t want to miss this CRAZY GOOD STRIPER FISHING. Get down here before the season is over and while the STRIPER FISHING IS HOT.

See you in the morning. 6:30AM departure.



STRIPER FISHING CONTINUES TO BE PHENOMENAL! There was a nice big area of fish with boats spread out and the birds were working on the BASS on top. The readings were stacked up mid-water to the bottom. There was non-stop action at times and plain and tailed jigs worked excellent today.

A nice day was had by all onboard.

THE TIME TO CATCH THESE STRIPERS IS NOW!! The weather looks great for the next couple days so come on down and get in on the HOT STRIPER FISHING!



EXCELLENT STRIPER FISHING CONTINUED TODAY! There was a nice big area of STRIPERS to work on with plenty of bird life along with BASS stacked up to 20 feet thick. We had nice long drifts with action around the boat. Anglers limited out on SLOT FISH and KEEPER BASS and there were also some JUMBO BLUES that came over the rail. Plain and tailed jigs along with shads all worked great.
We are still fishing local and there are plenty of fish around. Nice weather with sunny skies for the next few days ahead.
We are getting near the end of the season so COME ON DOWN AND GET IN ON THE ACTION.