Fishing Reports


We picked at the smaller fish in the morning with some KEEPERS. The last half of the day we took a ride and looked around and it paid off. We had GREAT ACTION all around the boat with a good percentage of KEEPERS coming over the rail into the buckets with some people getting their limit.
The weather looks gorgeous for the upcoming week. It is a great time to be out in the ocean catching SEA BASS!
Make your reservations and come join us for an exciting fishing trip.


We had a GREAT DAY OF SEA BASS fishing with plenty of life to stop on and continuous action all around the boat.  There were a good amount of throwbacks along with plenty of JUMBOS in the mix.  Jigs and artificials had the edge today.  Everyone on board had their limit.

The SEA BASS are biting!  Come on down and enjoy the day catching these fish.  

See you in the morning.


Everyone had a great day SEA BASS fishing! It was good all around fishing with some NICE JUMBOS in the mix. We made a couple stops and had fish on bait and jigs. There was no problem catching your limit on jigs and artificials today. The majority of anglers onboard had their limit.
Come on down and get in on the action. Check out the pictures from today’s trip and make your reservations.


It started out quite windy though not as windy as yesterday. We anchored and caught some nice SEA BASS and when it slowed down, we moved and anchored again and caught some more. When the wind slacked, we could drift and had GOOD fishing for SEA BASS with some double headers coming over the rail and several limits. Jigs worked much better today while bait worked yesterday.

It looks like beautiful weather for tomorrow. Come on down and enjoy this SEA BASS action.



It started out downright nasty this morning so we anchored and picked at some NICE SEA BASS. The wind backed off around noon and we drifted and SEA BASS fishing was FANTASTIC!
The weather looks great for tomorrow so check out the SEA BASS pictures from today’s trip, make your reservations and come enjoy the day catching these fish.



WE ARE SAILING WEDNESDAY FOR THE OPENING DAY OF SEA BASS SEASON! We have been catching really NICE-SIZE SEA BASS lately but have had to release them due to the season being closed. BUT, WEDNESDAY IS THE DAY YOU CAN BRING THEM OVER THE RAIL AND NOT HAVE TO THROW THEM ALL BACK! There are plenty of SEA BASS to catch so make your reservations and come on down to get in on the action early!
See you Wednesday.



We picked away slowly on the STRIPERS on nice long drifts today. There were plenty of bunkers on top that we were able to snag. The STRIPERS bit the live bait along with the shads. There were also plenty of readings among the bait.

Starting Wed., May 17th, WE WILL BE FISHING FOR SEA BASS!


There was plenty of bait along the beach and heavy at times with some bunkers flipping on top. We also had readings of Stripers but couldn’t get them to bite. 

When we went to the rock piles off the beach, there were LOTS OF NICE-SIZE SEA BASS that we caught by accident. Since Sea Bass season hasn’t started, they were safely returned to the ocean. BUT, WOW, WHEN SEA BASS SEASON OPENS THIS WEDNESDAY, MAY 17TH, THERE ARE PLENTY OUT THERE!!  

WE WILL BE FISHING FOR SEA BASS STARTING THIS WEDNESDAY, so make your reservations to join us if you want to get in on the early action! 



There were plenty of bunkers on top today which we were able to snag and we read the fish in the bunkers but they didn’t want to bite. 

With all the fish that are out there and the predicted gorgeous weather for Friday we will get right back at it tomorrow.

Make your reservations and come fishing in the ocean.

See you in the morning.



We had a DECENT DAY WITH ACTION ON JUMBO STRIPERS! There were plenty of bunkers on top with readings to the bottom and nice big STRIPERS in the bait. The fish were hooked on live bait along with some fish on shads. All the big over-sized STRIPERS were safely released back into the ocean.  
The weather continues to look beautiful with temps in the 70’s and there are lots of fish out there so come on down and enjoy the day fishing in the ocean.
Check out the pictures from today’s trip and make your reservations.