Fishing Reports


EARLY REPORT - CRAZY AWESOME MONSTER BLUEFISHING! EVERY ONE A GAFFER 8 to 12 LBS +.  Capt. Greg spotted all the birds and it was game on.


IT WAS REALLY SUPER BLUEFISHING LAST NIGHT! The BLUES were 2 to 8 lbs. and were on bait, jigs or anything you threw at them. There were plenty of fish and it was an exciting night of fishing. Check out the pictures and make your reservations on one of our upcoming SATURDAY NIGHT BLUEFISHING TRIPS. The boat departs at 7:00pm and returns at 1:30am.


WHAT AN AWESOME DAY OF BLUEFISHING!  Capt. Greg spotted all the birds and it was game on.  There was super action all day and many customers were in throwback mode early.  The BLUES averaged 8 to 10 lbs. and we had a few that were 12 to 15 lbs. so the big fish are out there. Everything was on jigs and it didn’t matter what color or size. Everyone on board had an excellent day of fishing. 

We are excited to get back out there tomorrow so make your reservations and come on down to get in on the action.

We will see you in the morning and we will be fishing on Tuesday with our normal Morning Trip departing at 7:30am.



Sept. 24 - We had a few bigger BLUES up to 7 lbs. early this morning while jigging and then 1 to 2 pounders on long drifts where we picked away at times. It slowed down around mid-day but we picked a few bigger fish up to 8 lbs. at the end of the day.

We still have space available on tonight’s BLUEFISHING TRIP that departs at 7:00pm. Make your reservations and come on down for this exciting trip. 



Check out the pictures from yesterday's Canyon Tuna Trip. We had some nice size TUNA- 70 to 85 lbs. and we lost some and we also had 40 to 50 MAHI up to 25 lbs. We have four more Canyon Tuna Trips coming up. Trips are limited. Make your reservations on our website.


IT WAS AN EXCELLENT DAY OF BLUEFISHING and SUPER right from the start with 2 lb. BLUES. We had nice long drifts with action around the boat and anglers were limited out. Run Off poppers worked the best.

We are looking forward to another great day of fishing tomorrow so make your reservations and let’s get back out there.



EARLY REPORT FROM THE BOAT ON THE CANYON TUNA TRIP IS THAT THEY HAVE SOME TUNA AND SEVERAL DOZEN MAHI! We will have further information and pictures when the boat gets back to the dock.


We had plenty of BLUES today. They were 2 to 5 lbs. and all on jigs. The first couple hours were really good then it slow down but was on again in the early afternoon.

The boat will be on a trip Tuesday so we will be back to fishing for the BLUES Wednesday at 7:30am and will see you then.

We have 23-Hr. Canyon Tuna Trips scheduled to depart the next four Mondays. These trips are limited so get your reservations in for the date or dates you want to go.



It was VERY GOOD fishing today with the smaller BLUES. There were plenty of fish and everyone had their limit and were in catch and release mode. There was a lot of birdlife around and the fish were splashing on the top. We also had some PORGIES, a SPANISH MACKEREL, a BONITO and some throwback FLUKE. Everything was on jigs and the smaller jigs worked better - no bait today. 

The weather looks nice again tomorrow so come on down and enjoy this great fishing.

See you in the morning.


We started offshore today where we picked a few BLUES on some drifts and then ran inshore to bird and bait life with fish on top and found very small BLUES. We picked away with shots for a while but this eventually died out. We had a few handfuls of bigger BLUES further south at the end of the day. We also had at least 6 SPANISH MACKEREL on board.

The weather looks good for tomorrow and Monday and we will be right back out there so make your reservations and come on down.  

See you in the morning.