For the Afternoon Fishing & Sunset Cruise trips which depart in the summer at 4:30pm you do need a reservation as these trips frequently sell out. Please note that if you have a reservation you should be on board the vessel at least 20 minutes prior to departure. We can not hold reservations after that time.


The easiest way to make a reservation is by making it on-line. All you need to do is click on the reservation button, pick the date & time of the trip you would like to join us on and provide the information requested. The other way you can make a reservation is by calling the phone number provided.

You can buy your ticket on-line before the day of the trip and receive a 10% discount which will make check-in very quick. You can also buy your ticket on the day of your fishing trip on board the vessel.


  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • and YOURSELF

Restrooms are called the "head" on boats. There are 3 heads available on the GOLDEN EAGLE including separate women’s and men’s heads. 

There is plenty of close FREE parking available in Belmar Marina.

Our morning trips sail at 7:30am and the boat is available for boarding at approximately 5:30am.

Our Afternoon trips sail at 4:30pm and the boat is available for boarding at approximately 3:45pm.

You should plan on arriving no later than a half hour prior to sailing, to insure you have time to park your car and load any equipment that you bring.

You may bring your own fishing rods and tackle or you can rent a fishing rod from us.

Any terminal tackle (hooks, jigs, etc.) that you may need are available for purchase on board.

The GOLDEN EAGLE has a full galley on board that offers breakfast and hamburgers & hot dogs for lunch along with coffee, soft drinks and snacks.

You may bring your own food if you would like.

Yes, you may bring beer or wine in moderation with you, but we do not allow hard liquor of any kind at any time. We believe that beer in moderation means 3 or 4 beers per person.  We would like everyone to come out and have a great time, have a glass of wine or drink a beer or two. But we do not allow excessive drinking aboard our vessel. We keep a high standard and feel the excessive alcohol consumption is better left in the bars.

Wear clothing appropriate for the weather on land. Occasionally it is cooler in the morning so wear layers. Wear clothes that you will not mind getting dirty.

Our experienced professional crew will demonstrate how to fish and they are available to assist you throughout the entire fishing trip.

You may keep any fish that you catch (as long as they are within National Marine Fisheries regulations).

Yes, the crew will clean, fillet & bag your fish for a nominal fee.

Absolutely, if you have enjoyed your trip. The crew is professional and attends to your needs. Please tip the crew based on how helpful you feel they were, not based on how many fish you catch. The crew relies on your generosity for their livelihood, it is similar to waitresses or bartenders. 

We sell burlap bags for $2.00. They will easily hold your fish or you may put them in an appropriate sized cooler that you have brought.

Bluefishing can get a little hectic when the fishing is good. There can be 10 or more customers fighting fish at the same time and tangles are inevitable. Mono filament can be untangled quickly but Spiderwire has to be cut. Spiderwire is expensive and we have found most anglers don't want their line to be cut, which is understandable. Also, Spiderwire can and has cut the crews hands, because of this the crew will not touch Spiderwire when it is in the water, especially if there is a fish on.

If you use Spiderwire it MUST have at least a 20 foot topshot of MONO. Remember Spiderwire WILL BE CUT if it is in a tangle and the crew WILL NOT TOUCH the line when it is in the water.