Hop aboard the GOLDEN EAGLE for one of the fantastic Front Line Healthcare Workers Special Fishing & Sunset Cruise Trips. You will be greeted by the Golden Eagle’s professional crew who will assist you during the entire trip. BOARDING commences at 3:45 pm and we sail at 4:30 pm; you must be on board no later than 4:20 pm.

Wednesday Afternoon trips are ONLY for Health Care workers and their families and they are FREE because we want to say THANK YOU.

Reservations are a MUST. There must be at least one healthcare worker, with a valid ID from the facility you represent, with each group. Group sizes are LIMITED to FOUR.

Your trip will SAIL at 4:30 pm with a cruise up the Shark River, through the bridges, and out the inlet into the Atlantic Ocean. As the GOLDEN EAGLE cruises up and down the Jersey coast to the fishing grounds, the Captain & Crew will be pointing out historic landmarks such as the Asbury Park Convention Hall or historic St. Michael’s church in Elberon or Pier Village in Long Branch. And many times along the way we will come across a school of dolphins playing in the ocean waves or Whales cruising through the water. 

Then comes time for fishing and the Crew will assist everyone with “baiting their hook” and getting your line in the water. As the fish start coming over the rail, the Crew will be right there to help you land them and get them off the hook for you. What you catch is yours to keep (compliance with NOAA fishery regulations is required) and the Crew will be happy to clean the fish for you.

While we are cruising or fishing you can enjoy some food or snacks or soft drinks from our Galley located in our spacious indoor cabin. Or visit our Upper Deck and enjoy the view.

As the summer sun starts to set, the GOLDEN EAGLE will start to cruise back to port as everyone enjoys the sunset while relaxing with family or friends. 

Once we reach the port at 8:00 pm, you will depart the vessel with great memories of your cruise aboard the GOLDEN EAGLE.

Thank you for all of your help!

Check Back Soon for Trip Information!