23 Hour Canyon Tuna Trips


Our 23 HOUR CANYON TUNA TRIPS primarily target YELLOWFIN, LONGFIN & BIG EYE TUNA. The GOLDEN EAGLE has several of these trips scheduled for the 2021 season starting on Sept. 26, 2021.

These trips depart at 4:30 pm and return approximately 3:00 to 4:00 pm the next day and the cost is $350 per person. On these trips, a rod & reel set up that has a 60 to 80 lb test line is the preferred type of equipment. You should also have a spinning rod & reel with a 20 to 30 lb monofilament line for the Mahi & Squid. We primarily use bait & chum for these fish but at times is possible and/or necessary to use jigs to catch them. Generally, these trips fish the Canyons between 80 and 120 miles offshore.

Bunks are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

All of our 23 HOUR CANYON TUNA TRIPS are limited to the number of passengers that we carry and ADVANCE PREPAID RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.

To BOOK 23 HOUR CANYON TUNA TRIPS – just go to our calendar page, click on the trip you are interested in AND fill in your information.

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICIES: We reserve the exclusive right to cancel a trip up to the time of departure due to sea or other conditions. Cancellation or no show by the patron will result in forfeiture of the fare unless that space is sold to another party. On a trip canceled by the Golden Eagle, anglers may elect to transfer to another trip of their choice subject to availability or request a refund. Refund checks or credit card refunds are made to the person who paid for the trip.
GALLEY MEALS (not included in fare): Soft drinks, coffee, and snacks only.  No hot food (due to COVID regulations)
TIPS & FISH CLEANING: Suggested minimum gratuity is 15% of the fare and fish cleaning is based on the number & size of the fish. 
FUEL SURCHARGE: Trips may be subject to a surcharge.
ACCOMMODATIONS:  Onboarding, you may select a sleeping bunk on a first-paid, first-served basis.   You should bring a small pillow and blanket or a sleeping bag for additional comfort.   Stow your gear neatly and please do not clutter the floor with food coolers.   Place your food coolers outside under the benches or on the top deck.   Bring a small length of rope or bungee cords to secure your food coolers.   Please do not bring aboard any large coolers for your fish (we provide iced storage for the catch.)   Kindly leave all fish coolers in your car.

Onboarding, you may place one rod in a holder at the rail. Stow all of your other rods in the rod holders on the upper deck.

SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE CABIN OR HEADS! Please be considerate of your fellow fishermen when stowing your gear, it will go a long way towards a comfortable trip for all.

CLOTHING The days can be hot and the nights cold, so bring along enough clothing.   We also suggest bringing along a rain suit in case of foul weather.   Important - bring your waterproof shoes or boots!   The deck will be wet if the weather is not dead calm and the mates regularly hose down the deck to keep it clean.



PAY ATTENTION TO THE MATES!   They have done this more times than you, know more about what to do and how to do it than you.   They are trying to help all of YOU to get fish in the boat.

IF A MATE ASKS YOU TO MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, then move as fast as you can!

IF A MATE HAS TO CUT YOUR LINE to get you out of a tangle, he will re-rig you as soon as possible.

FOLLOW YOUR FISH!   You must move around the boat with your fish.   Keep a 90° angle to the boat with your rod.   This means that the line should be going straight out into the water.   The old saying of 'no angle, no tangle' is true.   If you keep the line straight out in front of you, 90° to the rail, you will not tangle as often.   Tangles will occur, but we want to reduce them as much as possible.   

IF SOMEONE IS HOOKED UP AND COMING PAST YOU, GET OUT OF THE WAY!   It is not easy to hang onto a tuna and walk at the same time, even when no one is in the way.   After you have experienced this just one time, you will become a true believer in cooperation.   Typically, the person with the fish will need to go over you and your rod.   Make this easy for him by pointing your rod at the water and ducking or moving where you are told.   If you don't move, expect others to move you!   When you get to the bow of the boat with a fish that goes under the anchor line and under the anchor pulpit, the mates will take the rod from you, pass it under the pulpit and return the rod to you.   If you are wearing a harness you will need to unclip quickly, back off the drag just a bit, and hand your rod to the mates.

IF YOU ARE IN A TANGLE WITH A PERSON THAT HAS A FISH ON, DO NOT PUT ANY PRESSURE ON YOUR LINE!   Immediately put your reel into a free spool and let the person finish catching his fish, or cut your line.   You will likely find that cutting your line is the best option since you could be in the tangle for a half-hour or more.

NEVER LEAVE YOUR ROD UNATTENDED AT THE RAIL!   If you have to use the head or go into the cabin for a snack, REEL UP YOUR LINE AND STOW AWAY YOUR ROD.   If someone is coming around the boat with a fish on, he will not be able to lift his rod over your rod and continue around the boat.   The mates will cut the line of any unattended rod and place it under a bench or somewhere else where it is out of the way.

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